Teleporting Experts

HyperTunnel® enables immersive remote collaboration between frontline workers and domain experts – from remote physical worksites to centralized immersive digital twins.

Market Reality

Organizations have difficulty training and retaining staff to perform manual intensive tasks in complex and dangerous scenarios.

  • Experts with know-how continue to retire
  • Senior staff don’t want to travel to remote worksites
  • Knowledge transfer requires on-site learning

Our Platform

HyperTunnel® is a mixed reality software platform for remote collaboration that instantly “teleports” experts providing training and support. We currently offer four products:


remote assistant

Enable front-line workers to summon an expert for side-by-side guidance and supervision through a shared immersive digital twin, providing a real-time avatar to mimic operations on the shared virtual workspace.

Worksite Office
Site Scan Knowledge


expert knowledge​

Experts can record annotations and demonstrations in spatial context using the immersive Digital Twin. Content can then be deployed and 3D registered across multiple locations on demand.


training and simulation

ClassroomBuilder is a low-code development tool to create immersive digital twins of existing worksites for interactive simulations. Employees working on dangerous physical tasks can learn the same skills in a safe virtual environment.

Site Scan Simulator
Simulation ML Data


augmented Intelligence

Computer Vision and Machine Learning to power an on-demand virtual expert for guidance and supervision.  This AI is capable to “look over the shoulder” and alert frontline workers when deviating from a prescribed procedure.

How It Works



Generate and distribute immersive Digital Twins of remote worksites




Synchronize physical worksites with immersive Digital Twins




Augment the shared working space by leveraging Computer Vision

System Architecture Overview

Sectors We Serve


Enable experts to help frontline workers


Enable experts to help the warfighters


Enable experts to help forensic investigators